Welcome to S-ICE Marketing LLC

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S-ICE Marketing LLC is located in Bowling Green, KY but the company is an internet-based company that is designed to support creative people all over the world and also right around the corner. Music is the main focus of this concept simply because that was the focus of my life. However, any art form is welcome within the idea.

So what is it that S-ICE Marketing does?

Well, that has been changing and shifting somewhat due to personal, professional, and global issues, such as the coronavirus.

Essentially, S-ICE is designed now to be the Parent entity for several different projects that I deem to be useful to the artistic community as a whole, but also to musicians specifically.

S-ICE is the "Mothership" if you will for the projects that hopefully will become very popular over the next decade.

S-ICE is dedicated to taking the arts from the realm of Non-Profits into the realm of For-Profits and the idea is to empower artists and the lovers of the arts to be able to finance themselves through a cooperative effort with various types of businesses.

First and foremost the concept of Affiliate Marketing is very important to this idea because it is really the only area where people can become financially independent and work for themselves so they have the freedom to do their art.

If there is one thing that the Coronavirus and the disease Covid-19 has shown us, is that nothing in life is a sure thing. As we have seen theaters closing, schools having incredible problems, and the extreme hit that performers have had to take, we must now all recognized what I have been concerned about for many years and that is...

...the arts are such a vibrant part of life, and artists are really special kinds of people who are often financially constantly at risk. There has to be a way of ending that. I believe it is through a spirit of cooperation and understanding.

Please take seriously in participating in the programs suggested here as they are all selected as ways to help your artistic career, develop your own marketing talents, help you make money and help you learn how to manage it in the long run.

Everything is possible if we work in a spirit of cooperation and trust.


John T. Simpson (Timothy)

Founder and Owner.