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Timothy Simpson, Founder

Customer Service: TBA (Outsourced)

Technology (Audio/Visual): TBA (Outsourced)

Architect and Construction: TBA (Outsourced)

Website Design and Management: TBA (Outsourced)

Bookkeeping and Accounting: TBA (Outsourced)

General Legal Council: TBA (Outsourced)

Facilities: Security, Maintenance and Cleaning Services: TBA (Outsourced)

Music Instruments: TBA (Outsourced)

Facility employees: Managers and Assistant Managers – (Full Time) Front Desk. Event Staff. (Part-Time)

Benefits Management: TBA (Outsourced)

(The Independent Musician’s Institute would like to eventually offer benefits, health insurance, retirement plans, etc, to not only its employees but also be able to offer these to members in general. The idea for this concept comes from the German model called the “Künstlersozialkasse.” What this does, it provides for building social security, health insurance, and pension-related and other programs to its members who are independent artists, not only in music but in all genres.) In the United States unions provide these services to its members. But, if you don’t want to be or are not in a union or part of an organization that provides benefits, then you are left out high and dry, and many musicians and teachers are among this group of people. We’d like to help.

REITs: Real Estate Investment Trusts: TBA (obviously)

The Independent Musician’s Institute is also conceived as a Real Estate Business. The ideal ultimate concept for it is that it owns and builds it’s own facilities. Over time, it is property ownership that will be such a valuable asset to the Institute and its members. To do this, it would be great if we could give members and investors the opportunity to buy shares in the company’s real estate projects and have their investments grow over time with the growth of the institute. This can give real financial stability to the Institute and also be another income stream for its members for the long run, by paying out dividends to its investors. This gives members ownership of the the institute making permanence and membership retention much more attractive.

Everything the Institute does will be focused on minimizing debt, minimizing employees, using outsourced professionals to do the complicated tasks until having such professionals as employees in the business is more efficient. However, outsourcing I feel can be more stable as people will not be coming and going as is common with employees so continuity and streamlining of systems is possible.

Having an Institution built to provide lifelong stability to independent musicians and building a new type of institution in the world which is designed to endure for generations is a major part of the vision. At some point, the goal is to become as common and embedded in society as churches, schools, conservatories, theater and music companies have been for hundreds of years. Every town, city, state and country will want to have an institute in their midst as it will provide a valuable asset to the cultural and economic growth of their communities.