Concept of the Independent Musician's Network



What is the concept of the Independent Musician's Network?

The idea is that Independent Musicians don't have an infrastructure which supports them. This is a platform or foundation that provides a support system where independent musicians can build their musical dreams.

The Independent part of this concept is actually two fold.

  1. This Website is Independent of: 
    1. Investors
    2. Donations
    3. Government Support
    4. Commercial Servitude
  2. The Musicians who are a part of this platform are:
    1. Musicpreneurs:
      1. People who earn their living through their musical activities.
    2. Educators:
      1. Teachers:
        1. Private
        2. Music Schools
        3. Education
          1. Schools
          2. Colleges and Universities.
    3. Students
      1. Private
      2. School K-12
      3. University and Graduate Students
    4. Music related business owners.
      1. Music stores
      2. Cafes and restaurants
        1. Venues for...
          1. Concerts
          2. Workshops
          3. Events
    5. Writers
      1. Press
        1. Critiques and Reviews
        2. Informative or Biographical
      2. Musicology
        1. The study of music
          1. History
          2. Theory
          3. Genres
          4. Styles
          5. Etc.

Even though all of these areas are welcomed and encouraged to be a part of this website...

...the focus is on helping performing musicians stay musicians. 

To me it is inhumane to ask a musician to be anything but who they are. Musicians work long and hard, pour their hearts, minds, spirits, love, and money into becoming a musician and this platform is designed to give them a way to keep becoming better and better musicians by helping them stay focused on their music.

Music is a profession and an occupation that is clearly a worthy pursuit in society. The more people we have "open carrying" a musical instrument, the better. The more people playing music together whether for fun or in front of an audience, the better off our world will be.

The man that hath no music in himself, Nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds, is fit for treasons, stratagems and spoils.
William Shakespeare

Music keeps us humane. That is a worthy mission and I believe in that mission.

After long research it has been determined that the number of people involved in music in the United States alone are not even known. The music instrument industry alone creates billions of dollars of revenue each year.

Music isn't a luxury in our society, but a fundamental need. 

The government isn't going to do much in the way of supporting the cause of the arts. It is too weighed down with the military, tax cuts, debt, and government bureaucracy.

Unions do some good, but they really only help those who are "members" of the unions, and therefore have regular jobs in music.

The bottom line is, music doesn't have an independent place that supports the cause of music and actually is built not only to help musicians out with exposure, but also to have a way to build a reliable and steady income.

Musicians work hard and that deserves to be rewarded. That is what this concept is all about.

The more, the merrier. Join today, show someone else how to join tomorrow.

Welcome to the Independent Musician's Network!