Affiliate Program #1: The Home Business Academy

S-ICE Marketing LLC is a proud member of The Home Business Academy.

Why is it included on this website about artistic endeavors?

The most common challenges that artists and artist organizations face are ...

  • Getting the word out
    • Advertising - Web Page Tools
    • Marketing -  Marketing Tactics
  • Earning a dependable income
    • Selling residual products
    • Tickets
    • Products and Merchandise
  • How to manage that income
    • Accounting methods
    • Financial Planning and Solutions
  • Building an audience for their art.
    • Building a fan base
    • Communicating with that fan base
  • Understanding their unique place in the world.
  • Lack of cooperative efforts between entities.

The Home Business Academy suite of 3 Products addresses all of these areas, and more, at a very low price plus offers an 80% commission on every sale an affiliate member makes of each product.

Yes, S-ICE makes commissions on sales produced through its marketing, and it needs to in order to be able to finance the other planned projects that are in the works.

By joining The Home Business Academy through the S-ICE Marketing LLC owned links, you are helping me work for the good of artists and artists organizations.

I have followed and known of the owners for almost 8 years now and they are truly very good folks and have people's best interests at heart.