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Mission Statement:

Provide musicians of all ages with excellent facilities, a highly functional website and a network of musicians to develop their musical careers, form ensembles, by providing a place to practice, teach, and create performance opportunities to develop their art in a safe and vibrant environment.

In it's purest form, the institute is an "office sharing" program designed specifically for musicians.

Therefore, music related businesses can use the institute to act as a home base for their operations. Everything from publishing, recording, producing, schools, non-profits, and other services that are related to the music industry can find a home at the institute. The close connection to musicians would be a bonus for both these organizations as well as to the musicians.

Another important part of the institute is the role it can play in helping musicians earn income to not only help them pay for their memberships and venue rental costs but also to help them build an income over and above that as well.

Music is a very time consuming and resources consuming endeavor. One of the major problems musicians have is earning income while they are doing their musical pursuits. This is why a large part of the mission is to offer ways for members to grow their income while helping us grow the institute.

Music is a worthwhile profession and activity. Musicians over the span of time have needed a way to make a living income so they have time to develop and create in their chosen pursuit.

iMi is a for-profit business but it is designed to be a for-profit business for its members as well. The institute can be a valuable resource for musicians and music-related businesses to help them become profitable early in their development.