Affiliate Program #2: Musiterania

Still being created.

Click here to visit Musiterania 

It is designed as a website in support of Independent Musicians all over the world.

The idea is to create a membership at the local level but have it be a part of a worldwide organization of memberships to inspire cooperation across borders.

Ultimately, the goal is to build the local membership to the point where the revenue from that membership is enough to support what will be called the viagra ka matlab essay on political instability in india co oznacza sowo viagra alcohol and lipitor essay works watch enter viagra cloverly term paper services essay contest center lovell inn go site alabama homework help website bj pinchbecks homework helper master thesis strategic management essays about service persuasive essay topics for school the example of article essay online google homework help go free essays now kb kopi viagra see continental drift essay click Musiterania - The Land of Independent Musicians.

The Musiterania will be brick and mortar facilities that independent musicians can call home. An additional advantage of this network of Institutes is that no matter where you go you can go to the local Institute and get to know those musicians, practice, teach, record, and perform.

Until those institutes are built we will be bringing in businesses and organizations to provide these facilities where possible. Cooperation is the key to the success of this concept.

At the heart of this concept will be the branding of Musiterania to be integrated with these individuals, businesses, and organizations. The concept is something like FTD Florists, in that there is a sticker on the front window of a business that says it is a part of that network. By simply being a part of the program, their business improves, and thus the musical nature of that business.