Welcome to the Members Profile Pages!

What you get!

  1. Whatever you can think of is possible ... as long as it is music related, decent, clean, non-political, non-religious.
    1. The point of the entire project is to keep content purely related to music and the cause of independent musicians.
    2. We want to protect the integrity of the members by narrowing the focus of use for the website. No agendas! Just music!
    3. Therefore S-ICEmusic has the final editorial say on what content is allowed. (Hope you understand)

The idea is that it would be alike a Professor's page from a University website, which is their "place of work", just like the idea behind Soli Music is your "home base" for your music career ambitions. The only difference is that your webpage will be 1,000 times better! Here is an example of a University webpage of a professor!

You're URL is then this website/your-name/your-affiliate-code. We use Johnny A Rockstone as an example: https://solimusic.net/johnny-a-rockstone/?v=2320522a6676 !

Why is this important? Because it associates you with a larger entity, solimusic.net, which gives you more SEO, search engine optimization for your name, and what you do.


  1. Log in to the website using your ID and Password.
  2. Create a Profile will appear in the Main Menu
  3. Click on it and simply fill out the form.
    1. You don't have to fill out all of the form.
    2. You can submit additions at any time when you revisit.
      1. Meaning, you don't have to have all of your info ready at once.

Here is the process of how it works.

  1. After you hit "Submit" the system automatically sends us an email with all of the information you entered on to it.
  2. We review the content for eligibility.
  3. Once approval is given we forward it to our programmers and they build your page.
  4. The process may take a couple of days to complete, but the result will be worth it.