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“Before a brick is laid you have to know that you can pay for the brick.”

For Musicians – By Musicians

This is for the TRS®. Ticket Referral System

What IS the TRS®?

It is a ticketing system designed to easily process attendance tickets to any event related to music and to manage subscriptions for Memberships within the Independent Musician’s Institute framework.

Why not just use any of the other systems that already exist on the market?

Well, because the principle difference with the TRS® is that it passively helps the institute build a NETWORK of musicians and audience members who love music while making it possible for them to earn extra income through their involvement in the Independent Musician’s Institute.

The thing that makes this system work well is that it works passively. Every ticket must have an affiliate identification code related to it. Once someone has established their code, they can help musicians sell tickets to their events, concerts, and workshops as well as sponsor them as members of the Independent Musician’s Institute Network.

Why do this?

The main thrust of this idea is to provide a secure revenue stream for the existence of the company while also helping its members earn extra income to help them fund their music interests. When the revenue is right, then the rental of the facilities can be kept at a much more affordable rate.  Without the membership affiliate program, it would make building institutes difficult if not impossible. The good news is, it won’t take many members to fund a given facility.

Here is the concept in bullet points.

  1. You can acquire your affiliate membership identification code by simply signing up for one through someone who is a current member.
    1. This person will become your lifetime sponsor.
    2. What does that mean?
      1. It means that whenever you purchase a product that is eligible for TRS® affiliate commissions your sponsor will always earn the commission based on that individual product.
    3. Why is that a good thing?
      1. Because it means that the sponsor can build their income potential by building the number of people they sponsor.
        1. It is important to note that you don’t get paid a commission simply by sponsoring a TRS@ participant. The participant must purchase a product in order for a commission to be paid out. But, you stand to earn more affiliate commissions if you have sponsored more people.
      2. It also means that once the code is established it remains for the entire time the affiliate/customer is associated with the Institute and the TRS@
  2. You automatically receive an affiliate/customer identification code when you purchase your first product through the TRS® system.
    1. When an affiliate promotes a concert and helps it sell tickets and you purchase a ticket with the TRS@ for the first time, you are automatically sponsored by that affiliate and that sponsorship lasts a lifetime.
      1. So, when you as an owner of the affiliate code helps promote something using the TRS® system, anyone who purchases for the first time using your code, then you are their sponsor for life as well.
      2. NOTE: Everyone will get an affiliate code and the affiliate commissions are reported using a 1099 Tax form and are taxable. You can opt out of being a sponsor if you wish, and may either simply pass your commission on to the general affiliate commission pool or to a specific affiliate/sponsor of your choice.
  3. The Subscription to the Independent Musician’s Institute Network is a monthly membership program which is the lifeblood of the entire company. When you become an official paying member of the Institute’s Membership Program you will reap the many benefits for it.
    1. You will get full access to the Institute Facilities.
      1. This does not include rental for practice rooms.
        1. We do this because it will be impossible to guarantee practice space at any given time and believe that it is only fair for those who use practice rooms more pay more for it. However, membership will give you a certain number of hours per month practice room usage. You will not be able to carry unused time forward to the next month.
    2. You will get your own Webpage Profile that you can build to promote yourself as a musician, as a sponsor and to help you connect with other members in the network.
    3. Depending on the Level of your Membership, you will be eligible for a higher commission percentage on the sale of tickets and memberships.
    4. You will have access to all Institute conventions which are designed to help you become connected to fellow members from the entire network of musicians within the institute in your area, state, region, nationally or internationally.
    5. There will be a growing library of content available to members as time progresses addressing …
      1. issues important to musicians
      2. issues concerning specific instrument or vocal types
      3. issues about the Institute itself
      4. motivation and Inspiration through a growing library of live webinars, calls, and recordings of events, both video, and audio.
    6. You will get a membership discount on practice room rentals
    7. You will get a membership discount on Institute merchandise.
    8. As your sponsorship rises so will your membership level.
      1. This is a non-monetized reward designed to recognize those who are helping us build a large network of musicians and music lovers.

The purpose behind the Network and the TRS@ is to provide funding for facilities so that musicians have a place to work and build their musical business or hobby.

Independent means that the institute pays for itself without outside funding supported by musicians for musicians. We will obviously have to get loans to build facilities, but we will be free from investors who would want to simply use the institute as a money-making investment. We don’t want to rely on government funding or donations because they can come and go depending on factors beyond our control.

The TRS@ makes it possible for affiliates to build a residual income from sponsoring memberships, and also earn income by promoting events and concerts of their own and of other musicians in the network regardless of where those concerts may be.

The commissions for memberships and tickets are different because we believe the performers get paid for performing. The price of admission to any given event will vary and the commission percentage of event tickets will vary as well.

The Independent Musician’s Institute has as its core value a primary duty to fiscal responsibility and customer satisfaction and service

How can you grow your sponsoring of members?

You can set up tables at any location to help promote the institute and events. Whoever you sign up is your customer for life.

You can volunteer to work at the Institute facility as a receptionist, answering phones and welcoming people to the institute.  Any new person who you work with when they come to the institute can become your sponsored member or affiliate.

You can also earn your membership by working for the institute as an employee in some capacity.

To avoid an overpopulating of people promoting the institute we require that all such projects be sanctioned by the institute. There will be different periods during the year when we will do membership drives.

Probably the best way to build your TRS@ affiliate commissions is to promote events, and concerts with your TRS® Affiliate Code and when you sell tickets you become their sponsor, provided they are not already sponsored by someone else in the Network.

The real goal for a member in terms of earning income from the Institute is to sponsor memberships and build a residual income stream.